Craft For Kids

Thumbnail bows
Make these super cute and very easy to make fabric bows from any scrap fabric or ribbon you have lying
When you have to give a card to someone in a hurry and your time is ticking, this is the
Time to have some fun with your young ones with this super amazing and fun to make DIY. Mini diaries
Learn how to paint a tow truck on fabric using plain fabric paints through this time lapse video. I have
Kids love boats and kids love paper craft. Teach them how to make these super interesting boats and see them
Let your kids play around with colors. These beautiful butterflies can be made in so many ways and are always
Get your kids in the habit of book reading by letting them create these interesting monster bookmarks. Play around with
Don't let this quarantine get to your kids. Get them into crafts and see how their energy is transformed into
A treat for the moms of little girls. Now create the headband for your girls in just 5 minutes by