Craft For Kids

Do you have some scrap fabric available and thinking of creating some fun crafts out of it in short time.
0:32 Corner Bookmark 3:26 Pocket Bookmark Got some scrap fabric at home and looking for some quick and fun projects
Learn to make this DIY Egg shaped fabric pin cushion from scrap fabric from this detail step by step tutorial
Follow this tutorial and create a DIY memo board or a picture frame within a budget. Simple and elegant, time This is a toy that kids will never get bored of. Super easy to make and super fun to
I made this mouse pad using cork board. In just 5 minutes you can also create your very own personalized
Thumbnail bows
Thumbnail bows
Make these super cute and very easy to make fabric bows from any scrap fabric or ribbon you have lying
When you have to give a card to someone in a hurry and your time is ticking, this is the
Time to have some fun with your young ones with this super amazing and fun to make DIY. Mini diaries
Learn how to paint a tow truck on fabric using plain fabric paints through this time lapse video. I have