Craft Projects

When you have to give a card to someone in a hurry and your time is ticking, this is the
I created a table out of a wood plank for my kid. It's a multi purpose play table for exploring
Kids love to play and make a mess so I decided to upcycle a wood plank into his multi purpose
I love fabric painting and I just happened to have the right ingredients at the right time. I had just
I had just bought a new chest of drawers for organizing my kids’ clothes and stuff. I wanted to make
Never throw away any left-over scrap fabric. Almost all my projects are made up of scrap pieces of fabric. They
I had about fifty 4” x 4” fabric square cut pieces, so why not create a patchwork. I put all
My son love dinosaurs and I love taking up new projects 😀 We bought a new duvet for my son
Bags are a ladies best friend without a doubt. We are simply incomplete without them. Hand bag, travelling bag, a