Here comes another one of my scrap fabric project. This particular one is a leftover from a quilted project that I did recently. I was just about to throw the scraps away (so not meee hehe) that I suddenly came upon this idea to create this cute little round pouch and share it with you all 😀

For quilting I added a thin polyester sheet between two fabrics. Both fabric with good side up and quilted the fabrics using quilting guide tool of my machine (Singer Tradition 2263). After completing the project, I created this mini pouch out of quilted scraps.

Tips for creating project from quilted fabrics.

Always do the quilting before you cut out the patterns. In this case your measurements will always remain intact which is very very important to get a good sewing outcome and project.

You can see the detail step by step video tutorial at this link.

Video tutorial is also at the very bottom of this post and pictorial.

Here is what you will need to sew this mini coins pouch.

  • Zipper: 20cm
  • Quilted Rounds: 4″ in Diameter
  • 4 Fabric: 6cm x 7cm
  • 1 fabrics: 4″ x 2″

We will start with preparing the zipper. and start by preparing the zip tabs. Grab the 4 6cm x 7cm fabrics and sew them with wrong sides up at the end of you zipper.

Turn the tabs to their good side and give them a top stitch

Cut them to the width of the zip. Then take 4″ x 2″ fabric and cut it in half. sew with wrong side up to one of the tab, turn it to good side and give a top stitch.

Then fold in the corner (half centimeter) and place in the other tab end and sew it close.

Now cut the quilted fabric into 4″ diameter. Attach one of the round along all the length of the zip prepared with clips and then sew it up.

Take the other round and attach the handmade tag and hook ring and sew them to the fabric.

Then sew the prepared round to the length of zipper (other side)

After sewing both rounds to the zip. Give the zigzag stitch at the raw edges from letting the fabric from fraying and having lose threads.

Turn it over to the good side and you have successfully created you very own cute little mini pouch.


Watch the detail and step by step video tutorial at the link given below: