This Convertible Backpack is part of my collaboration series with Madigitified Patterns. I love Backpacks and what can be more interesting than a Backpack that can also convert to a tote bag. Yes, this is exactly what this convertible tote bag is all about. I collaborated with Madiha of Madigitified patterns to create this amazing convertible Backpack.

Together we decided the layout, design and patterns to be used for this products and I cannot be more happy than the end result.

The canvas I used to create this convertible backpack is from “In the Beginning” collection of Madigitified Patterns. You can buy the Fabric from this collection at this link.

I am giving the details for which patterns used in the bags below and where I have used the patterns.

Total of two patterns have been used in crafting this convertible backpack.

-The Divine Plan (Buy here)

-Impressions (Buy here)

The Divine Plan is more of a solid pattern and have been used in creating the outer front pockets, inner lining and backside of the back pack. Due to it’s vibrant colors, it brings out a pop of color in the backpack without making it too bright. Gives the backpack just the right blend of colors and make it perfect choice for teenage girls.

Impressions is a darker shade and is used in crafting the front of the bag, flap and zipper sides. Impressions together with the divine plane gives a balanced look to the backpack. A dark shade with the perfect contrast of lighter shade of fabric.

The adjustable strap, hooks and the handmade tags have been shipped from Ali Express.

You can buy this amazing backpack from Madiha at this link (if it’s not sold out yet).

Now that you also the the materials, patterns and the shop from where to buy them all. Why not recreate one by yourself as well?

Watch the tutorial to create this amazing convertible backpack here and become a DIY expert in sewing crafts.