This is a side bed organizer for kids room where they can place any item which helps them wind down and get ready for the day. Or it can be an item they require right after they wakeup.

Crafted with detail, this hanging organizer has 9 pockets which can be used to store number of products which your kids want to keep within the reach of their hands while staying within the beds.

The canvas fabric used to craft this product is from “In the Beginning” collection of Madigitified Patterns (Buy the collection here). Madiha, the designer behind these amazing patterns has a story to tell for the collection as well as each of these patterns. So visit her website here and get to know of amazing stories behind.

The pattern used as the main fabric is “Natura Fabric” (Buy here).

The pattern used as a backing fabric is “The Star Clusters” and you can buy it here.

See the details of this amazing hanging organizer below:

The canvas and the patterns used in crafting the hanging organizer have been mentioned above and you can buy from the said links.

To recreate this product, detail set of measurements will be uploaded on my website soon so keep a lookout on this space.

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