The name Play Mat makes it pretty clear for what the product is all about. But this is not all, this product is so much more than a round play mat for your infants. With the chord running all around the mat, you can turn it into a storage bag. Use the mat for your little one to play on, the store the toys in and store it to be used as a mat again. You can also store the toys and take the mat to anywhere like park. Fold it open on the grass and your kid will have their toys and their favorite mat to play on.

The beautiful sea animal patterns is used for crafting this playmat because it has fun and at the same time very creative and imaginative vibe to it. Colorful hues give the product a very appealing look to parents as well as to the infants. This product is a must have item for infants and their nurseries. But what do do when the infant grows old for it? turn it into a tapestry for your toddler’s bedroom. Another fun use for it.

The canvas patterns used for creating this Play Mat are from “In The Beginning” collection of Madigitified Patterns (Buy from here).

The patterns used are:

For main mat 2 patterns have been used and the mat can be used as a reversible mat that is both patterns can be used as the front and main side. The two Patterns are:

-Impression (Buy here)

-The Seven Seas (Buy here)

-The Divine Plan (Buy here)

The pattern The Divine Plan has been used as the chord fabric around the mat because it gave a beautiful and vibrant contrast to the mat and uplifted the overall look.

You can buy the canvas from Madigitified Patterns from their shop and other accessories from Ali express.

Buy this amazing multi purpose Play Mat from here (If not already sold out).

You can also recreate this amazing Play Mat yourself as my step by step detailed tutorial will be live on my YouTube channel very soon. Therefore subscribe to my channel here to get the timely notifications.