Laptop sleeves are the everyday need of us. I have come up with a unique and practical design for laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve has a zipper pocket on one side for keeping earphones, chargers, diaries and other essentials. On the other side the sleeve has a slip pocket where we can keep our laptop and other documents inside. The laptop sleeve is closed with the help of a magnetic snap closure

To keep the laptop protected, the main body and slip pocket for the laptop sleeve are quilted with a layering of polyester sheet inside.

The outer material I have used for this sleeve is velvet and inside is the polyester canvas. The print I have used is one of my own and can be viewed in my prints collection.

You can view some of the detailed photos of the laptop sleeve below:

The first step I have done is the quilting of fabric, the outer velvet fabric and inner slip pocket fabric.

For quilting the velvet fabric I took:

35cm x 70cm velvet and same size of polyester sheet.

For quilting the inside pocket fabric I took:

35cm x 50cm of canvas fabric and same size of polyester sheet.

After quilting I cut the quilted sheets to the actual size that are:

Outside quilted velvet:

30.5cm x 65.5cm (same dimension for the white lining)

Inside quilted pocket:

30.5cm x 47cm (same dimension for the white lining)

For inside zipper pocket:

49cm x 11cm

Zipper: 48cm

Snap closure: 

5cm x 24cm

You can view the dimensions with materials used in pictures below:

You can watch the tutorial of how this laptop sleeve is made in great detail by watching my YouTube video which can be found at this link:

Thankyou for watching and supporting my work.