Backpacks are practical, stylish and easy to carry around. Learn how to sew a rollover backpack so you can make your very own with your own needs.

The backpack I have made in this tutorial can be folded from the top and provide double the space. You can use it both ways, with folded from the top or open from the top.

The material I have used for sewing this backpack is canvas and the patterns and fabrics are from Madigitified patterns. You can view and buy the fabric from this link.

You can view the details of the backpack in pictures below:

The materials and requirements are as follows:

-Back body: 37cm x 8cm

37cm x 34cm

37cm x 14cm (Contrast fabric)

-Front body 12cm x 40cm (2)

17cm x 22cm (2)

17cm x 34cm (inside pocket fabric)

37cm x 14cm (contrast fabric)


37cm x 52cm (2)

Watch the details video tutorial on the link below: