Organizing baskets are one my favorite products. From crafting to using it, you name it. Reason is that you can make it in so many ways and so many sizes just if you learn the basics of crafting baskets. Because of this fact, I have also come forward with my version of Fabric Cube Basket, hoping that you learn a lot from it.

The basket I have made is a Cube Basket Organizer and the finished size of this fabric organizer is 11″ x 11″ x 11″. It has two side handles which make it easier to hold it and move it around anywhere you want to.

See the details below:

Super spacious and sturdy. The best part is that I have made it with materials that are very easily available anywhere anytime.

In order to craft this fabric basket, you will require:

-10 fabric cut at 12″ x 12″

-5 Hard fusible interfacing cut at 12″ x 12″

-Polyester sheet and more hard fusible interface (1/4 yards)

-Fabric Clips

See the detail measurements below:

Steps I have followed are:

Attach hard fusible interfacing to 5 fabrics that you intend to use for inner lining of the basket.

Take one fabric out of them which you want to be at the bottom and sew the other 4 fabrics on it’s sides.

Then combine the sides of those and sew to form a cube which is open at the top.

Then make the outer main body.

Sew the fabrics on sides of main fabric as you did above. Cut the polyester and hard fusible interfacing the size of these sewn together pieces. Attach polyester sheet to hard fusible fabric. Sew the sewn fabric on top of polyester and fusible fabric with zigzag stitches.

Craft and attach the handles.

Combine the sides of fabrics attached to form a cube basket with open end at the top. Turn the basket to the good side. Place in the lining and align the seams and the top. Fold in the top and sew the layers together. Taddaaa!!! you have successfully made your very own cube basket. You can adjust the measurements to craft small or bigger baskets.

To see the detailed step by step video tutorial, see below. For any query feel free to ask me question in the comment section below.