Super handy and useful, these hanging caddy and organizers are fun and easy to make. With detail and precise set of measurements, I have come up with a tutorial for you all. A perfect sewing project for you to take up in your free time or if you are thinking of giving someone a nice and perfect gift, what can be better than a customized and handmade caddy and organizer.

If you want to recreate the bedside caddy as it is, then the fabric I have used if the canvas fabric from Madigitified Patterns canvas collection series “In the Beginning”

The Patterns I have used for backing fabric is the “Star Clusters” and can be bought at this link:

The Pattern I have used for front and the pockets is the “Natura” pattern and can be bought at this link:

The hanging organizer is perfect for placing under the kids’ bed. It has an ample free space for placing the fabric under the bed and gives a good support when placing the stuff inside the pockets.

The organizer has 7 pockets measuring this:

-1 Pocket (19″ x 10″ )

– 2 Pockets ( 9.5″ x 7.5″ )

– 4 Pockets ( 5″ x 5″ )

See the details pictures below:

The measurements of fabrics used for crafting the hanging organizer are as follows:

Pocket Fabric: 3

21″ x 20″

16″ x 20″

12″ x 20″

Main Fabric: 22″ x 20″

Backing Fabric: 28″ x 26″

Pocket Border Fabric: 20″ x 2″ (3)

The technique that I have used for the backing fabric is self binding technique and can be viewed in great step by step detail in a tutorial I have done for crafting the self binding baby throw blanket.

The link for the self binding technique is:

To view the  video tutorial for hanging organizer, see the link below.

Happy crafting!!!