If you have been following me on my blog you must know how I love to collect scrap fabrics and create fun little projects out of them. So here I am again with a very cute and fun project made purely out of scrap pieces of fabric.

I have used patterns and fabric by Madigitified patterns available at https://www.madigitified.com/ and created these cute little earphone holder/ lip balm holder or you can use it any way you like because art has no boundaries 🙂

Fabric used is the canvas fabric and the dimensions I used are as per following:

-2 fabric 18cm x 6.5 cm

-1 fabric 11cm x 8cm

-1 set of magic tape

-1 hook buckle

You can save the dimensions from here as well:

Below is the detailed step by step pictorial followed by a video tutorials. watch and learn as you feel easy.

1- Place the yellow fabric wrong side up and sew along three sides, leaving one short side unstitched. Turn it out to good side and fold in the unstitched side. Do not sew it close yet.

Fold the blue fabric along center and sew along three sides.

On one side sew one part of magic tape.

Now place the blue fabric inside the open folded side of yellow fabric.

Sew the other part of Magic tape to the end of yellow pouch at the side opposite to the first part of magic tape placed.

Fold the Yellow pouch through center so that both magic tape parts are along the same side.

Place the hook through the flap, close the flap and sew along just below the flap.

Tadaaa! You made it !!!

Watch the video tutorial below: