Playmat is a great accessory to create for your kids. What if you can turn the playmat into a storage bag for toys as well

Well this tutorial will teach you exactly that. The playmat is reversible and you can use it both way so don’t shy away from using two different and fun patterns to craft your playmats.

Watch this tutorial and lean how to sew a play mat for your kids out of fabric. Also learn how to craft a playmat that you can turn convert into a storage bag.

The fabric used for crafting this playmat is canvas and pattern is from Madigitified Patterns. The fabric and patterns are available at this link.

The Pattern used for crafting the playmat are:


-The Seven Seas

-The Divine Plan

The Impressions and The seven Seas Patterns are used to create the main area of the mat. The Divine Plan Pattern is used for crafting the drawstring area.

Sea the detail pictures below:

The steps I followed to craft the playmat are:

-Cut the main fabrics to 50 cm diameter

-Sew the drawstring fabric to one of the main fabric

-Sew the Other main fabric (Wrong sides up)

-Put the drawstring

You can view the detail video on my channel at the link below.

Happy crafting fellow artists. If you have any query feel free to ask me in my comment section below: