Book sleeves, book covers or book bags, they are every reader’s best friend. You can put you books in a book sleeve and take it anywhere with you. They come in many styles, with bow on top or a zipper and a button. The book sleeve that is in this sewing tutorial have a snap button closure. It is completely padded to keep you books even more secure.

As an added extra feature I have added a lobster hook inside the book cover in case you need to carry your keys with you and are looking for a place to keep them safe. There is also additional D ring attachment outside the bag if you simply need to attach your other belongings like key fob with you sleeve. This makes your book sleeve an only item you need to carry to continue reading at anywhere any place.

Final size of the finished products is:

-Length: 25cm

-Width: 18.5cm

You can vie some pictures of the book bag below:

To make the book sleeve following are the materials and requirements you will need:

  • Outer Fabric : 21cm x 29.5cm (2)
  • Polyester sheets: 21cm x 29.5cm
  • Lining Fabric: 21cm x 29.5cm (2)
  • D ring fabric: 5cm x 7cm
  • Lobster hook fabric: 5cm x 15cm
  • D ring: 1
  • Lobster hook: 1
  • Snap button 1 pair.

The fabric I have used to make the book bag is polyester canvas. I have not used any interfacing but if you feel like the need of it, use only dotted or very lightweight fusible interfacing.

This book bag is perfect for gift giving or learning how to sew as beginner sewers.

You can watch detailed step by step video tutorial on my YouTube channel. I am linking the video below: