Pot holders are a must have kitchen item. A good pot holder not only makes cooking and baking fun but also make your kitchen look more bright and lively.

You can learn to craft your very own pot holders now. Follow this tutorial and sew a pot holder for yourself or for giving a customized gift.

The fabric is canvas and from “The Ark” collection of Madigitified Patterns. The collection can be viewed and bought from here.

The pot holder that I have made and you will be following the tutorial of has pockets to hold the pot holder from. Making it more functional and effective as the chances of pot holder slipping becomes very less.

See the details below:

The materials required for sewing this pot holder are:

– 2 holding fabric ” 8.5″ x 8.5″

– 2 main fabric

-1 batting or polyester sheet

-Circle template (Download from below)


– Sewing machine (I use Singer Tradition 2263)


See the details step by step video tutorial below: