Box pouches are perfect for keeping cosmetics and stationary. Their boxy design and pattern makes it spacious and at the same time elegant looking. Quilting adds on more charm and structure to the boxy pouches. I always prefer to quilt my box pouches but to quilt or not to quilt completely depends on the crafter, sewer and maker.

I normally use polyester sheet for my quilting projects, however in this tutorial for boxy pouches, I have quilted using foam batting.

The main fabric used in making of boxy pouch is pure drill cotton and lining is 100% cotton. I have used lightweight fusible interfacing with the lining just to give some structure but the use of interfacing in the lining is completely optional. I would however recommend the use of interfacing if the fabric is difficult to cut precisely or is slightly stretchable.

Final size of the quilted box pouch that I have made tutorial of here is:

  • 14cm height
  • 10cm length
  • 7cm depth

You can view some of the pictures of the pouch below:

The box pouch has no raw edges left and is sewn in a way that no corner sides are exposed which might require bias tape. The main point to ace in these type of no raw edge box pouches are the boxed corners.

To make the quilted, no raw edge box pouch you will require:

  • 38cm x 23cm Main Fabric (x2)
  • I have used quilted fabric with foam batting
  • 38cm x 23cm Lining Fabric (x2)
  • 40cm Zipper

There are a lot of box pouch tutorial on my blog. You can view and sew whichever one is best for your need.

If you need to watch the detail tutorial for this boxy pouch with no raw edges, you can view the video which has detailed step by step process of making the box pouch on my YouTube video below: