Reading is a great habit and crafting a Reading Pillow is fun and easy. Induce some Reading habits into the little one by crafting this fun and super easy Reading Pillow. You can always customize the writing on the pillow and use other names or decorative. Have fun experimenting with different ideas.

The fabric I have used for crafting the pillow is canvas and the patterns and fabric are by amazing Madiha of Madigitified Patterns. See the Reading Pillow details at this link. The details will include the fabric collection , the patterns used and online shop from where you can buy the fabrics.

Detail photos of the Reading Pillow are below. Have a look:

Tip: Secure the rough edges of the pillow while sewing with a zigzag stitch to avoid any shredding of thread. Since the fabric is canvas, it shreds a lot so this step is highly highly recommended.

Final Dimensions of the pillowcase are 17.5″ x 17.5″ after sewing.

The other material that I have used for crafting the pillow are as follows:

-Outer Fabric: 18.5″ X 18.5″

-Pocket Fabric: 22″ X 18.5″

-Quilting Fabrics: 5″ X 5″ (x4) + 4 interfacing

-Zipper: 18.5″

-Reading Template (Download from below)

To see the complete video tutorial, have a look at the video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more fun and amazing sewing projects.