The snap pouches are great for keeping some cash, coins cards or extra receipts safe in your bag without getting lost. You can make them in variety of colors according to the type of fabric you have or your color preferences.

The tutorial shows you a great way of making snap pouches by using only onw straight fabric piece. Yes! only one and some snap button.

While sewing the snap pouch, interface the fabric keeping in mind the type of fabric that you are using. In the tutorial shown below I have used a cotton fabric so the interfacing is the thick one. In case of picture below, the fabric is polyester canvas so I have fused the fabric with thin interfacing. If the fabric is already thick enough and stiff enough, just do not use any interfacing and get a pouch made with prefect corners and stiffness.

To create a snap pouch you will need:

Fabric: 37cm x 12.5cm

Interfacing: 37cm x 12.5cm

Snap button: One pair

You can view some pictures if the snap pouches I created below:


You can view the video tutorial on how to create these mini snap pouches and wallet below. The tutorial is very easy and totally beginners’ friendly. So if you are looking for a tutorial that has most straight lines and not complicated then this is for you.

Happy sewing and crafting.