Backpacks are always fun to have. You can store so many of your daily items in it. This bag type is just evergreen, don’s you think so? And what’s more cute than a toddler in a backpack, yes nothing. When I made this cute little backpack, perfect for toddlers, and put it up on my Hobby Shop for sale it instantly got sold out.

But luckily I have prepared a detail, precise and step by step tutorial for you all. If you scroll down you will also find a downloadable pattern for recreating this toddlers’ backpack with precise measurements.

I have prepared the backpack with cotton fabric in  very cute Harry Potter theme fabric. Picked a a yellow color fabric because of it’s brightness and contrasted it with yellow color to balance the warm hues. There is one big storage area with adjustable handmade straps.  See the details below:

Below are the detailed measurements for recreating this Toddler’s Backpack. You will also see the free template available for you to download below.  If you have any query feel feel to ask me in the comment section below.

Baby backpack template 1 Baby Backpack Template 2 Baby Backpack Template 3

Now that you have all the templates, measurements and details available, have a look below to see the detailed step by YouTube video tutorial of this exact bag.

Happy Crafting!!!