Fanny packs or belt bag are super useful and convenient while running your errands or going for a run. It keeps your items safe and your hands free.

You can make it for yourself or it can make just as great of a gift for your special ones.

Final dimension of this fanny pack is:

-18cm Height and

-24cm Length.

I have added the free template for you to download and cut at the bottom of this article.

For crafting the fanny pack you will require:

Some points to keep in mind wile downloading the pattern and cutting it

1- Download the pattern on A4 paper

2- Do not scale it down or scale it up

3- Cut the quantities as per instruction in the requirements above

4- For lining, attach the lower part to upper part where “A ” letter is formed at the center.

You can download the PDF format from below:


You can view the detailed tutorial video on how to to craft this fanny pack below:

Happy Sewing!