Aprons are an essential part of household item and kitchen is incomplete without them. So I have come up a very easy and practical apron tutorial for you all. You can adjust the shoulder strap as well as the main strap.

The front two pockets help to keep your kitchen tools in need very close.

The fabric that I have used is canvas fabric from “The Ark” collection of Madigitified Patterns. You can view their collection and buy them from their website here.

See below the detailed pictures of the apron:

Measurements and requirements are as follows:

-Main fabrics (2) 80 cm x 55cm

-Pocket Fabric: 30cm x 42cm

-10cm x 6cm (2 fabrics)

-60cm x 6cm (1 fabric)

-80cm x 6cm (1 fabric)

Download the pattern from here:


See the detailed video at this link below: