Storage baskets are great for organizing any space. A storage basket with a divider is even better. Learn to sew  a storage caddy caddy with a divider with me. The caddy is perfect for organizing a baby’s stuff and it is also not too complex to sew. A perfect combination of practicality and simplicity.

The fabric I used for crafting the basket is canvas and the print is by Madigitified Patterns. You can view her collection and buy them from her website ate this given link.

The divider caddy has two compartments inside and a large pocket on the outside. you can view the details pictures below:

The materials and measurements are bellow:

For outer body:

53.5cm x 58cm

-1 main fabric

-1 hard fusible fabric

-1 polyester sheet or cotton batting

For outside pocket:

-21″ x 10″ (main fabric)

-53.5cm x 12cm (light fusible interfacing)


-8cm x 23cm (main fabric)

Inside lining:

-32.5cm x 23.5cm (divided fabric)

-23.5cm x 15.5cm (divider fusible fabric-lightweight)

Inside body:

-58cm x 27.5cm (2 main fabric)


See the details step by step video below: