Zippered pouch bags are great in storing and organizing the essential daily items. What can be more great than you being able to sew them at home.

Learn how to make a lined zipper pouch by yourself at home. I have put together a super easy sewing tutorial for all of you with free pattern which you can download from the link below.

The fabric that I have used to craft this makeup or stationary zipper pouch is canvas and from the “In the Beginning” Collection of Madigitified patterns which can be viewed and shopped at here.

The final dimension of the zipper pouch after sewing are:

-Height: 8″

-Length: 3″

-Width: 2″

The Patterns used for crafting the pouch are

-Woodland Wildflowers (for main body outer fabric)

-Star Clusters (for lining fabric)

The measurements for the materials are:

Outer fabric and lining fabric: 11cm x 28cm (4 fabrics)

Fusible interfacing: (4 cut to the pattern) 

Watch the complete patters at the link below.

Happy crafting to you all