Box Pouches are always super useful. So much storage and different ways to use. Not only are they super useful, they can also be made using many techniques and sizes.

They can be made using quilts, cotton and canvas. Techniques for creating from these different materials are also a bit different. For creating the box pouches from quilts, you need to add piping to the inside rough edges, whereas for cotton or canvas, a lining needs to be added and you can create a raw edge or no raw edge look inside depending on how you decide to sew it.

To create a no raw edge look inside, you need to have a certain skill which I have shared in my videos.

I have created a big stationary box pouch with no raw edges inside and you can view the detailed video at this link

In this tutorial, I have taught how to create a mini box pouch measuring 14 cm using the canvas fabric.

Technique I used is a bit different from the big stationary box pouch I made an you can view both and use whichever technique you find best suitable to your skill level.

To create this mini 14 cm box pouch, you will require:

-Main Fabric x 2 (17cm x 8cm)

-Lining Fabric x 2 (17cm x 8cm)

-Fusible Fabric x 2 (17cm x 8cm)

-Fabric 6cm x 6cm

-D ring or key ring

-14 cm zipper

You can Watch the complete video at my YouTube channel with the link that is given below.

Comment below if you find the video useful or not. Happy crafting amazing crafters!!!