Are you thinking on giving to gift someone very dear with a personalized touch? Then this video and tutorial is not to be missed.

A cute little tote bag with applique work on front (which you can easily customize after watching my video) to put your very special gift for someone equally special šŸ˜€

You will require for this project.

  • 4 7ā€ x 7.5ā€ fabric (2 for main body and 2 for the lining)
  • 11.5ā€ x 1.5ā€ long strap
  • Scrap fabric pieces

Take fusible fabric and place your scrap fabric you will be using for this project over it.

Make sure to place the scrap fabrics good side up over shiny side of fusible fabric.

Iron them to the fusible fabric and then cut them to the desired shape and design. If you want to use the same design that I have used for this bag, you can download the template from here.

Arrange the shapes over the main body fabric (which you have to applique them on). Play around with them on how you want to arrange them until you get a visual look you are satisfied with.

Remove all the shapes except the one at bottom most. Pin it to the fabric you want to applique it on.

Set the machine setting for applique work. I have used to following setting:

Thread tension: 4

Stitch width: 2.5

Stitch length: between 0 and 1

Stitch design (picture below)

After you have adjusted your machine setting, start the applique. Begin with the bottom most shape and move on the top one.

After you have completed your applique work, lets start working on creating our mini gift tote bags.

Bring together the main body fabric and lining fabric and place them with good sides facing each other.

Stitch both pairs separately at the top side.

Open them to the good side, arrange the strap on good side of one pair and place the other pair with wrong side upwards on top of strap. Pin all the layers together now and sew them all from three side whole and leave a gap of 3ā€ at one bottom side of lining fabric.

Cut 0.5ā€ x 0.5ā€ square (start measuring from the seams) from all four corners. Combine the cut squares into a line such that seams are opposite each other, sew them close.

From the unstitched gap, turn out the bag to the good side. Fold in the unstitched side and stitch it close.

Give the bag a top stitch at the top opening side.

You have successfully created your very own Gift Tote Bag ?

Time to show your creative skills to everyone šŸ˜€

For More detail and clear steps, see the video below and share your comments and ask any question you might have šŸ™‚