You have got some scrap pieces of fabric and have some occasion coming up? I have got you covered.

Make these cute little fabric envelop pouches with a transparent pocket for adding a customized name tag at the back.

You can either place some money, gift card or goodies in this envelop and use the special plastic pocket to add customized tags.


You can simply make one for yourself or for your kids to keep and save the money or gift cards received.

For me this is a very Cute Eidi which can be used to give or keep Eidi.

Use and gift as you like.

You will require:

2 main body fabric (15cm x 11cm)

2 lining fabric (15ccm x 11cm)

4 small fabric pieces (8cm x 5cm)

2 ribbon (42 cm long)

1 plastic sheet (15 x 10cm)

Step 1

Cut out the fabric at the dimensions mentioned above.

Step 2

Start with Preparing the transparent pocket.

Fold the plastic sheet in half and add side tabs and upper piping.

Attach the pocket to one of the main body fabric. Attach it 1″ from the top.

Step 3

Prepare the triangle flap. Take one ribbon piece and fold it in half. Attach it to the center corner point of one of the flap fabric piece.

Place the triangles good face over each other and sew them along two sides. Turn it around to god side through unstitched side and give the two sides a top stitch.

Step 4

Prepare main body of pouch. Attach the flap with wrong side down to the main body fabric you attached the transparent pocket to. Sew them from the top.

To the other main body fabric, attach ribbon (folded in half) to the center bottom.

Step 5

Place the lining fabric on top of main body fabrics with wrong sides upward. Give them a stitch at the top side.

Step 6

Place the sewn fabric over each other. Lining over lining fabric and main body over main body. Make sure they are wrong side up and aligned at the center seams. Sew them with quarter inch seam allowance on all sides. Leave a gap of 2″ at the bottom of lining fabric unstitched.

Turn out the pouch t the good side from the unstitched gap and then sew it close.

place back the lining inside the main pouch. give the pouch a top stitch at the top opening and you made it 😀

Watch the detail video here: