Drawstring bags are so chic to carry around and can be used for so many purposes. From storing stationary, makeup items, travel utilities to taking food to the picnic and as a lunch bag.

Tip to use the drawstring bag as a picnic bag or a lunch box bag is to add an additional lining of thermal material. It will keep the food hot or cold as per your linking for a long time.

If you want to create a small and simple cotton drawstring bag, see the step by step pictorial here at this link.

These cute little drawstring pouches can be used to gift any sort of goodies to dear ones and are super easy and quick to make.

The canvas tote bag which I am sharing the tutorial here is made from the canvas collection from Madigitified Patterns, collection available at : https://www.madigitified.com/

Patterns used in this bag are

-Woodland Wallflowers

-Star Clusters Of “In the Beginning” collection, available at the link mentioned above.

To make the canvas drawstring tote bag, you will require:

To create the bag you will require:

-Outer Fabric: 26cm x 36cm (2) (also 2 fusible fabric of same measurements)

-Lining fabric: 25cm x 36cm (2) (also 2 fusible fabric of same measurements)

-Drawstring Fabric: 32cm x 36cm (2)

-Straps: 38cm x 10cm (2) fusible fabric for straps: 34cm x 5cm

Now that you have the fabric ready, prepared and cut. time to learn how to make one by yourself. Yes! you can make it. Watch the detailed step by step tutorial below.


Happy sewing!!!