Sewing is an amazing skill to have. You can explore so many creative areas with the sewing skill and craft so many amazing fabric, canvas, and leather products. But as a beginner we need to start slow with easy and non-complex projects to start with.

Starting with a complex project will leave frustrated and demotivated in case of a light thing going wrong (which it will and is normal). That piece of unfinished craft will now remain in the cupboard unnoticed along with your desire to learn this amazing sewing art.

What you need are some amazing yet very simple projects to start with so that your spirits spar high when you finish them successfully. The project which does not get destructed by a slight difference in measurement or seam allowance. Still, you must accept that anything can go wrong and it’s completely normal. Read some tips I have shared on learning sewing for beginners and understand the process.

Now that you are ready to begin, begin with these amazing and easy projects that I have put together for you.

Each project has detail measurements and full step by step video tutorial. So go ahead watch, learn, and create.

1- Bookmarks

Super easy to craft, bookmarks are fun to make and can be made in so many ways. You only require small fabric pieces and some straight sewing skill. I am sharing two types of bookmarks for you all. Watch and create and impress everyone.

2- Drawstring Pouch

Super useful for storing or using as a travel kit. Learn to create these super easy drawstring pouches from fabric. You only require two fabric pieces, lining, and drawstring.

Master the straight sewing skill while crafting these amazing drawstring pouches.

3- Earphone pouch

Create these super cute and useful earphone pouches. Your earphones will never be tangled again. I made these for myself. I had some scrap fabric that I wanted to use and came up with this super creative idea. Learn and craft these mini earphone pouches for yourself and anyone in need.

4- Self-binding throw sheet

Perfect gift for a baby shower or to craft for your own baby. Super easy to make and super useful. Learn how to make self-binding throw sheets. They seem a bit difficult to make but trust me they are super easy to craft using a sewing machine.

5- Face mask pouch

Learn to craft a fabric pouch for your face mask. Keep the facemask clean and easily available in your bag. I made these cute facemask pouches for myself, and they became an instant hit. Easy to make and super useful. Craft these fabric face mask pouches like a pro that you are.

6- Mini Tote Bags

These cute little totes are a perfect gift for little girls. Made them for my little one and she loved it thoroughly. Again, a super easy project, in the end of which you will learn more skills to add to your ever-growing list of creative sewing skills.

7- Fabric scrunchies

As a beginner, I would recommend not to take upon the silk fabric sewing projects. But crafting silk scrunchies is an exception. Super easy to make and will take your sewing skill up a notch. All you will need is fabric clip, pins, and practice of straight sewing stitch. T this is one fun project to take up as a beginner.

8- Pincushion

As a sewer, the umber of fabric pins you own are numerous and to keep the fabric pins in place, you require a pincushion. Why not make one pincushion by yourself just because now you can sew and use a sewing machine. You can also make a fabric pincushion without a sewing machine, just use needle and thread. I have uploaded a free pattern for an egg-shaped pincushion and detail video with instruction for you to follow on my channel. So, hop over and create one amazing pincushion for your sewing studio.

9- Mini Goodie bags

Occasionally, there comes an occasion, which require you to buy those goody bags to put and gift some goodies. Why not craft some fabric goodie bags ourselves, now that we are learning the sewing skill?  I have complete set of measurements completely free at my website, so you can recreate the fabric goodie bags by yourself. Practice your sewing skill by crafting many of cute little fabric poochie bags. No one likes anything more than a handmade custom gift. You can sew it.

10- Fabric Wallet

Another fun sewing project that you can take up a beginner in sewing. To sew and craft this fabric wallet, all you need is some precise measurements (it’s okay if there is some slight changes in measurements) and straight stitch sewing. You can practice your measuring the fabric on this sewing craft as well.

Start your sewing journey with these 10 amazing yet easy to sew sewing projects which are just perfect for the beginners. With these sewing project as your starter crafts, you won’t be putting your unfinished crafts at the back of your drawers, instead, after each project you will want to learn more of sewing projects.

Happy sewing and crafting!