Bags are a ladies best friend without a doubt. We are simply incomplete without them. Hand bag, travelling bag, a back pack, a leather bag or some traditional bag, big bag, small bag, bag, bag, bag you just name it. They have a very special and dear place in our life and rightly so. If you are a bags lover, like million other you will definitely understand and relate to the facts below.

  1. There is no such thing as “Too many bags”

We need our big totes, small totes, those side shoulder satchels, the hobo bags, the travelling bags, the drawstring bags. They are the necessities of life.



  1. New event=New bag

A new occasion warrant a new bag. There’s a wedding coming over, our outfits require the company of a new buddy. Nope the old purse or clutch won’t do.


  1. You see bags everywhere

There is a tiny shop of bags far far away in a far away land, you see it and so it definitely requires a visit. You can’t afford to miss anything!


  1. Your bag is where you hide your snacks

Who wouldn’t love anything that enables you to keep a pack of snacks to give you company during the boring lectures.


  1. Even your cat loves the bag

Cats like very peculiar and special things. The fact that they love to snuggle into your bag says it all.


  1. You plan your outfits with your bags

A new bag makes way into your life, it definitely requires a new outfit to go with it.


  1. A bag sale can make us forget anything

Look there is a flat 50 % off on the bags. Deadline for the project can be extended, the visit to a shop can’t be.


  1. The feel of a new bag is indescribable

Putting stuff in the new bag or simply touching it take you over cloud nine.


  1. It is our ultimate mood changer

Feeling low in life? You know what you want. A brand new bag and simply the feel of it.


  1. Nobody’s anti arguments for bags are going to change your completely rational love for them

Owning too many handbags are useless? They are a waste of money? No, I haven’t heard these before. Your input had been very valuable and life changing for me. Thankyou.