I know many of you keep browsing Pinterest and want to try out so many amazing fabric craft ideas from amazing artists.  Suddenly a thought pops in your mind about how you won’t be able to recreate it as you simply cannot decide how to begin and continue with the project. The fear of making a mess out of it makes you back out.

Before I tell you some tips on making a great fabric craft, you must remember to never stop believing in yourself and that is the first step of creating amazing crafts and arts. Also remember that failing is always a part of learning process and we should not run away from it rather embrace it. You fail and you learn then you start getting near perfection. I still fail and then learn from my mistake.

Now I am going to share with you some tricks and key points that helped me create near to perfect crafts. I want to share whatever I have learned with you, so you never think of backing out but take on the task with strong spirits.

Now take out your sewing machines, take a deep breath and simply organize your thought process. Keeping in mind the 3 P’s that are Plan, Prepare and Put it all together; let’s get started.


You are browsing the Pinterest, something catches your eye, before scrolling through it believe in yourself that you can create it because you can and click it. Finalize on the design and pattern you want to create. Decide on the fabrics and color schemes that you will be using to creating your craft. Don’t forget the accessories and their color you wish to have.  If you don’t have any accessory, decide on it’s alternative right at this point.

Measure out the dimensions or have a pre-cut pattern ready so you can know how much fabric you require.  This is very important since a slight wrong measurement can have a bad impact on your final craft.


Now that you have finalized on your craft, the fabric you will be using, the accessories and all the color combinations. It’s time to gather all of the things.

Decide on the layout of your craft. Measure the fabric and everything related very precisely. This is very important and I cannot emphasize on this point enough. Slight wrong measurement can make your craft go all wrong. Cut out all the dimensions.

Now “Start at the front” this is a great tip to keep in mind. It means to always create the front interface of your craft before you go on sewing the whole product together. If you have pockets, zippers, or buttons to attach do attach them before putting all your product together. Also, if you want to paint or create any crafty work (applique, patchwork, embroidery) do them first.

Sew any straps, zip bands, zip tags, additional pockets, or accessories you want to attach to your bag or craft beforehand. Now that you have prepared everything you require, time to move on to stitching the final product.

Put it together:

Again! start sewing at the front. Stitch the zips, pockets, buttons first. Start sewing everything together one by one. Before sewing anything to its place, pin the fabrics together using fabric craft pins or clips. Pins and fabric clippers are amazing sewing accessories to own. I must say that these are the sewers best friends, so get them if you don’t already have one.

After pinning the fabrics start sewing them together one by one. This will help create a neat and tidy stitch and finish. At the end give the seam a top finish for a classy look.

Tadaaaa!! You have created an amazing craft and now you can go an impress everyone around 😀