Whether you are beginner in sewing crafts or an oldie, there are some sewing essentials that are a must have to achieve the perfect sewing craft.

Time to let go of those frustrated times where you have to try your sewing craft over and over again. Let’s see what some amazing sewing essentials you can have.


Yes scissors! There is no such thing as too many scissors. One sharp scissor made specially to cut fabric is a must have to achieve that perfect sharp and crisp cut. One small scissor to keep by the side of sewing machine while you stitch to cut out the extra thread or give your thread some crispiness while putting it through the needle.

Apart from these two, is there a way too stop us from getting more?

Zig Zag Fabric scissors

An amazing found. No need to cut up little triangles in fabric while working through that stubborn curve. Grab these scissors and Tada, work done in minutes.

These are also super helpful while cutting the edges of fabric that have too much lose thread coming out the sides and edges. Cut the sides with these scissors and save yourselves many rough edges and lose threads.

Measuring Tape\scale

Measurement is an important part of sewing crafts. You need proper measurement to achieve a proper craft. Without a measuring tape, you are just prepping your fabric for an ultimate disaster. If you haven’t got one, time to get one NOW!

Fabric Pins

Fabric pins are another must have item to achieve a perfect craft. They keep the layers of fabric intact and keep fabric from slipping away while sewing through them.

They also come handy while prepping the fabric for any sewing project as they help you with measuring your fabric without the fear of them slipping away and getting a wrong measurement.

Make sure that the pins you are using have a perfect and smooth pointy end. Otherwise, they won’t go smoothly through the fabric and might even leave a hole through fabrics.

Fabric Clips

Another way to keep your fabric layers from slipping is the fabric clips. While you can surely work without having to rely on the. But as having worked with fabrics for quite some time, I assure you that they are not a waste of your money.

Sewing Table

No need to invest a lot in buying a new sewing table. You just need a table with perfect height so you back and eyes won’t hurt while working. I have linked my table as well. It can be used as a sewing table, crafting table and a working table. Win-win.

Sewing Chair

This is something you must invest some money in. A good and comfortable chair with a perfect height for you back is a must have if you sew quite regularly. While enjoying your hobby and your craft, you also need to take care of yourself and your back. You are important so take care of that and invest some money. Save yourself a lifetime of backache.

Fabric Markers

While working with any project, you need to mark your measurements. For fabric you need to use fabric markers. Some come in the chalk form and some in the marker form. Make sure you get the one that disappears after a while and does not spread through the fabric. With the one that disappears after while you can work on the front of the fabric as well.

While working on the inside the fabrics, or the fabrics which will be cut of or remain outside the seam, working with any marker is okay. Just be sure that it doesn’t spread through the fabric.

Portable Iron

Keep a mini portable iron by your side. There are seems that need to be straightened and iron out while working on your fabric crafts and projects.


Get a pincushion or make yourself one (A tutorial is up on my YouTube Channel). It is an essential sewing item. Keep your pins in one place and place them back right after you take them off the fabric. These little pointy monsters are not be left without a pincushion.

Let me know in the comment section below the item you found to be most helpful 🙂

Happy Crafting!