I am currently working on a project and so many new bags’ tutorials will soon be coming your way. Big projects mean that there always are leftover fabrics. Fabrics which if utilized correctly can result into so many fun little projects

I am here with another fun and cute little project that I made from the leftover fabric. This mini zipper pouch is super cute and super practical with a ring attached so you can use it as a keyring or attach it to your bag for easy access.

The Print and fabrics are by Madigitified patterns and you can find them here: https://www.madigitified.com/

I have done a detail review of the fabric and you can read about them here

To create these mini pouches, you will require:

-1 zipper (5 inches)

-4.5″ x 8″ main fabric, fusible fabric and inner lining fabric

-D ring -3″ x 3″ fabric for D ring loop

-2 (13cm x 4cm fabric)


-Sewing machine (the machine that I currently use is the Singer Tradition 2263)

I am sharing below the detail step by step picture tutorial so you all can easily follow it and recreate your very own fun little mini zipper coin pouch.

Iron Fusible interface to your main fabric

Add wrong side of zipper to the top side of main fabric. Use pins or clips to secure them

On top add lining fabric wrong side up and align the three layer properly. Secure with the clips

Sew them together with quarter seam allowance

Fold the layer outwards and give them a top stitch at the top.

Repeat the same for the other side of zipper.

Place the D ring inside the loop and adjust it with D ring facing inside on the zipper. Secure with the clip and sew it.

Turn the pouch to the wrong side. from top, measure 1 inches from the zipper and make sure you zip is at that mark.

clip the sides and sew along the sides with quarter inch seam allowance.

Cute the extra zip and fabric.

Bring two long strips and sew them along the sides, just inside the seam line.

Fold them over to the other side and clip them to the pouch. sew them to the pouch.

Taddaaa!!! You have successfully created your very own mini coin pouch

Watch the detail step by step video tutorial below: