From my collaboration series with Madigitified patterns, Drawstring Bag is one of my favorites. Crafted with keeping in mind the teenage customers and ladies within range of 20 to 40 years of age, this Drawstring Tote Purse is perfect for storing makeup items, stationary, crafting supplies, travel utilities or taking lunch to offices.

Keeping in mind the audience and target market of our Drawstring Tote Pouch, we decided to keep the shades for this bag in pastel hues with contrast of a darker shade. The end product that was crafted could not have turned out any better and we were more than happy.

The Canvas used for this Drawstring Tote Bag is from “In The Beginning” Collection of Madigitified Patters (Buy the canvas fabric here)

Patterns used in creating the Drawstring Tote bag are:

-Woodland Wildflowers (Buy here)

-Star Clusters (Buy here)

-Impressions (Buy here)

The Woodland Pattern has been used to creating the outer main body of the bag and the straps to hold the Drawstring Tote Purse.

For drawstring fabric we have used the contrasting pattern of Star Cluster. The shades are aligned with the leaf pattern and hues of leaves in Woodland Pattern and made the perfect fit for crafting this amazing Drawstring bag.

You can buy the handmade ribbon used for Drawstring at Ali Express.

You can buy this Drawstring Tote Bag from Madiha at her online store (if it is still available) here.

Now that you have the patterns details used in sewing and crafting this Drawstring Tote Bag, why don’t you recreate this amazing bag yourself. Because you can do it even better.

Get the measurements from my blog here

And watch the details YouTube tutorial for crafting and sewing Drawstring Tote bag here and create one all by yourself.