Backpacks are super useful item to carry essentials while traveling or going for running errands. They carry almost anything you need.

What is more amazing is you be able to make your very own backpack in a print of your choice. A backpack needs to be practical and spacious and this is exactly what this backpack is back.

It has a zipper pocket at front that not only looks elegant but can carry your essentials in an organized manner. The main compartment also has a zip which keeps the items inside well protected. The flap gives an extra benefit.

The adjustable straps let’s you adjust the length of straps to your needs.

The final size of the backpack is:

  • Height: 37cm
  • Width: 28cm
  • Depth: 15cm

The material I have used for crafting and sewing the backpack is polyester canvas and same material is used for the lining. Difference in lining and main front body of the bag is that I have fused the fabric of lining fabric with very lightweight fusible interfacing and for the main body I have sewn polyester sheet to the fabric to give extra strength and sturdiness. You can use fusible fleece of polyester sheet as per your liking and availability of materials.

You can see some details photos of the bag below:

Measurements of the bag are as follow:

Outer body of the bag:

Front and back: 36cm x 37cm (2 fabric with sewn in polyester sheet)

Sides: 17cm x 39cm (2 fabric with sewn in polyester sheet)

Side Pocket: 17cm x 18cm (2 fabric lined with lightweight fusible interfacing) and 17cm x 22cm (2 fabric lined with lightweight fusible interfacing)

Front Zipper pocket:

  • 3 fabric cut to template lined with lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 52.5cm long zipper
  • 5cm x 6cm (4 fabric)

Back straps:

  • 100 cm, 1 inch wide webbing (2)
  • 5cm x 8cm (2 fabric)
  • 1 inches wide two D rings
  • 20cm x 7cm long fabric


  • 2 fabric cut to template. 1 fabric fused with lightweight fusible interfacing and 1 sewn to polyester sheet.
  • 2 magnetic buttons
  • Buckle straps


47cm x 31cm (2 fabric lined with lightweight fusible interfacing)

17cm x 39cm for sides (2 fabric lined with lightweight fusible interfacing)

43cm x 31cm (inside slip pocket)


  • 45cm long zipper
  • 10cm x 10cm zipper tab

You can see materials with their measurements mentioned in the pictures below:

You can see the detail process of sewing the backpack in the video. There is also measurements and instructions on how to cut the flap and front zipper template at the end of the video.