Oven mitts are the most essential items when you are baking or dealing with super hot utensils. What can be better if yon can make them by yourself in the patterns and colors of your own choice? Yes! there is no better feeling then to know that now you can craft and sew them by your own self.

The tutorial that I have for you is super easy and made even more easy by giving you all the free patterns. Simply download and cut out the pattern and you are good to begin with your mitts project.

The fabric that I have used for crafting the oven mitts is canvas and patterns are by Madigitified Patterns from their “The Ark” collection.

The pattern used for main fabric is “New Life”

for inner fabric the Pattern used is “In Preparation”

See below for the details and process

Fabrics and materials used are:

-2 Main fabric (25″ x 16″ )

-2lining fabric (25″ x 16″ )

-2 bating or polyester sheets (25″ x 16″ )

-Hanging fabric: 2″ x 5″

-Bias fabric: 3″ x 13″

Download the pattern from below:


You can view the details video tutorial below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.