Learn how to sew this amazing and super spacious tote bag. The bag has two pockets outside and a zipper pocket on the inside of the bag.

This bag will make a perfect partner for your picnic or shopping sprees. Keep you shopped items in the main pocket, while all the essential valuables in the zipper pocket inside so that they don’t get lost.

Final dimensions of the bag are as follows:

-Height: 13.5″

-Length: 14″

-Width: 3″

-31″ long straps

-2 open pocket at the front

-1 zipper pocket on the inside

The bag is made from the canvas collection of Madigitified Patterns (see the collection here)

The patterns used in the straps, Bottom Fabric and inside Pocket is “The Divine Plan” From the “In the Beginning” collection.

The Pattern used in the main fabric and lining is “Young Sapling” from “In the Beginning” collection.

The dimension of fabric used for crafting the tote bag are as follows:

-Main outer bag fabric:18″ x 10″ (x2)

-Bottom Fabric: 18″ x 13″

-Strap Fabric: 4.7″ x 50″ (x2)

-Pocket Fabric: 6″ x 14″ (x2)

-Inside Zip Pocket: 10″ x 12.5″

-Lining Fabric: 32″ x 18″

Steps followed for crafting the Tote bag are:

1- Craft the straps

2- Craft the outer pockets

3- Attach the Pockets to main fabric

4- Attach the straps

5- Attach the bottom fabric to main outer fabrics

6- Sew the outer bag

6- Prepare the zipper pocket in the lining fabric

7- Sew the lining layer

8- Put main bag into the lining layers.

10- Pull out the main layer sew from to and give a top stitch.

See the detail step by step tutorial below: