Simple and elegant and made with my favorite pattern of the collection, this slim makeup pouch is an eye catcher. With a zip closure and wide bottom, it can be used to store your makeup brushes, makeup items and stationary. The pattern is not too girly or too mature, but just a balanced blend and can be used by everyone.

The zipper pouch is made from canvas and the pattern is from Madigitified Patterns (Visit the website here). The pattern is from “In the Beginning” collection and patterns from this collection can be bought from here.

The pattern used is “The Woodland Wildflowers” and can be bought here.

The lining is made from “Star Cluster” pattern and the pattern can be bought from here.

The product is made from canvas material and the patterns on canvas fabric can be bought at the links mentioned above.

The zipper pouch can also be bought online from this here (If the product is not already sold out).

If you want to recreate this pouch, a free pattern along with detailed measurements is available at my blog here.

A very detailed step by step tutorial is also live (view it here) on my YouTube channel very soon so subscribe to my channel here to get timely notification.